Replica Watch Info Rolex Yacht-master 169623 esfera blanca

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Nombre/número de modelo: Yac ht-Master 169623
Número de serie/año: D 2005-2 006
Género: Femenino
Movimiento: Automático 2235
Caja: acero inoxidable con bisel giratorio de oro Amarillo de 18k (29mm)
Esfera: blanca con índices negros con agujas luminosas y ranuras de luz
Brazalete: Oyster de oro amarillo de 18k y acero inoxidable con cierre Oysterlock

Valoraciones (10)

10 valoraciones en Replica Watch Info Rolex Yacht-master 169623 esfera blanca

  1. abdul

    After choosing the watch for a long time, I finally picked this one! Sure enough not disappointed, worthy of this price! Worth buying

  2. Jake

    It was introduced by a friend. The moment I wore it today was so loved and it looked very nice. The customer service is also super good and decisive five-star praise, I will recommend it in the future

  3. Khia

    It’s perfect, great value for money, don’t hesitate anymore, come and buy it, it’s very good, the price is difficult to buy this kind of good stuff, the store service is also very thoughtful, five-star all five-star

  4. Xavier McClain

    I want to buy a watch for a long time. I accidentally saw this watch and decided to buy it. The logistics is very fast. I am very happy after receiving it. The texture is very good. ! !

  5. Shaun T Mills

    The watch is pretty and comfortable to wear! You do n’t have to just dig out your phone to see the time! It’s much more convenient! Use it, if it is durable, you will pay attention to this store! Wish: The boss is prosperous in business and rich in wealth!

  6. DanieshaS

    I personally like it, my girlfriend likes it too, it is simple and casual, it looks very comfortable and stylish

  7. Tisa O.

    The fake watch is received, the logistics are very fast, and the watch is very beautiful and novel. A pleasant shopping, worth buying

  8. Johnny

    Overall: the replica watch is a classic and excellent brand. The price is consistent with a high-quality brand watch of very good quality that is not what I call a wallet killer. However, the price point is fantastic. This is a watch I would readily consider for purchase. The feel is excellent and the watch is not something the is overpriced.

  9. Rick B

    Looks good and is tough. Everything works as advertised, just wish that when you pressed the button for the backlight glow, the glow would stay on when switching to the alarm mode.

  10. Roz12

    Mom was Perfectly satisfied with her new fake watch. Splendid service to boot.

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